Bioguru: Pathology

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24,00€ (Taxes included)

SAVE 40% on the game and 50% on the first add-on ONLY 1 month available!!!

While Preordering the Game be aware of the following information

  • The game release is dated on September 30, 2019, but there is a possible delay of 30 day in case of appearing, unpredicted inconveniences.
  • In case that on the October 30, 2019 the game isn’t yet available for download, you got the right to claim your money back.
  • Preordered products do have a 4 days exclusive download window.
  • After this time period has ended, it may happen that your download may be slow or even put on queue.
  • The discount on the first add-on doesn’t mean that Logos Entertainment is forced to produce that add-on.